New Paradiso introduces the “double-spiral 3-D parent-child slide” from the world’s leading
slide supplier from Germany – Wiegand. The height is 28 meters, and the single spiral length
is 72.8 meters.

The slides designed and manufactured by Wiegand of Germany have been launched in
many countries and cities and are well received, including New York, London, Jakarta,
Singapore, Brisbane, Milan, Boston, Prague, Munich and so on.

The technology from the Germany supplier with certified quality, providing the world’s
strictest safety standards.

The advanced craftsmanship from Europe help introduce the slides from the outdoors into
the indoors, creating a different parent-child space from the past for the busy modern life.

We provide two different modes from the 5th floor to the B1. Whether it is the 12-second
speed shuttle mode or the 15 seconds comfort mode, the gorgeous sound and video
effects in the process is like being a time tunnel.

Ever since you grow up, do you remember the feeling of playing the slide last time?
Remember the feeling of diving down with you brain went blank like a carefree child?
The excitement of going down the slide is really hard to describe…
Come and experience the 15-second fantastic trip and find your childhood memories of
playing the slides!
To a different Hualien for a different New Year


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