In the middle of the lush Pacific coast of Taiwan, where the beauty of the natural landscape and the vitality of urban crowds meet, a bold and courageous plan promises to transform this once-overlooked place into the new oriental gate of Taiwan.

This far-sighted development plan responds to Hualien’s combination of natural beauty and urban environment, allowing the world-class architecture, interior design and construction to push the overall design standards of Taiwan to a new ground. More importantly, the unique design concept of the Hualienbay District has shared its neighborhood experience through a close community planning to create a healthy and sustainable new lifestyle.

The birth of the New Paradiso will be an important milestone for the entire Hualienbay District. The future of Hualien will be limitless!


Nearby Attractions

The east side of Hualien is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, and its west side is the Central Mountain Range. It is a place with beautiful mountains and no pollution on the east coast of Taiwan.

This land has accumulated a wealth of natural and cultural elements. In addition to the beautiful mountain and sea, there is also a multi-level of historical memory as well as rich and diverse landscape.

In Hualien, the people, mountains, rivers and cultures all blend into a unique beauty at all time. It is a place that is worth repeat visit and savour.