My dear, if you want to watch IMAX movies, you no longer have to travel all the way to Taipei anymore. The Vie Show Cinemas Hualien Paradiso will bring you the best viewing experience.🎥

Vie Show Cinemas Hualien Paradiso is bringing the world’s best cinema equipment to Hualien and is expected to launch at the end of December. We offer ultra-high quality video quality and top-notch sound effects in sync with the world, allowing you to experience the world’s cutting-edge video equipment first hand:

1. The first 4K RGB pure laser projection systems in Asia.

2. The first IMAX giant screen theater in Taiwan with IMAX’s latest 4K laser projection system and 12.0 surround sound.

3. The other 5 movie halls adapt the highest-spec Real Laser 4K technology movie projectors of Christie’s, the world’s leading brand in market share, and are equipped with Dolby SLS circular loudspeakers.

✪Pursuit of perfection, first construct the best sound effects and viewing angles, and then build the entire building✪

Designed for the IMAX screen from the beginning, the IMAX laser system’s distinctive experience stems from a new generation of 4K laser projection systems. Its new optical engine and multiple IMAX proprietary technologies help create a higher resolution, clearer and brighter image, more intense contrast, and vivid and brilliant colors, all of which converge on the giant IMAX screen.

You ask me how big the giant screen is? Let me tell you this: the screen is as big as a basketball court!
That is right! A giant screen as big as a whole basketball court will be meeting you at Vie Show Cinemas Hualien Paradiso.

As for what the interior looks like, I will have to keep the rabbit in the hat first. You will know that when you come.


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