I, your delicacy editor, am taking you to the scene of #New Paradiso food court ~
📣 📣 @ Noodle Theater
When we talk of the Hualien’s classic food as gifts, in addition to Mochi, there is also the
characteristic gift of ” peeled chili pepper”💥

The #peeled chili pepper chicken soup noodle of Noodle Theater
The favorite authentic old-time delicacies of Hualien people

👍Aromatic but not spicy, and crispy but not benumbing are the most important characteristics of peeled chili pepper!
👍The unique aroma smells so good and is appetizing, so even people who don’t like spicy food would fall in love with it!
👍It is a special snack only known to local people in Hualien!

In the peeled chili pepper chicken noodle soup, you can eat the chili pepper flesh, so it is very good to chew, a little salty but not hot and spicy. It not only tastes sweet and crisp, but after each bite, there is also a reoccurring sweetish favor.😋

The chicken meat is soaked in the peeled chili pepper broth. After the fusion of the fat and the soup, the aftertaste is a bit spicy, and it is well worth a try. I can’t help but say: The “chicken meat” is really too tender~

It offers a subtle flavor with no excessive additives, which help you eat healthier.

🔜Come and try the only Hualien specialty that puts spicy to your mouth but won’t hurt your

🎁Furthermore, now the Noodle Theater also offers you beautiful masks for free (the number
of gifts is limited, and when it runs out, it runs out. Come collect them ASAP)!


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