The authentic classic Taiwan snack that even local Hualien people fall in love with.

Using natural foods and our unique sauce, our “Ecstasy sticky rice dumpling” is a unique
delicacy that is full of ingredients and super yummy.

There is also our “classic savory rice pudding”, with which we insist to make using ancient method. It is chewy, aromatic and full of ingredients, so people can’t stop eating it;

The favorite of mine, your very #fat editor is the appetizing, chewy but not greasy, super refreshing “rock sugar pork knuckles”; as well as the “four tonics soup”, cooked with pork intestines, pork belly, rice wine and pearl barley for 4 to 5 hours. It is tasty, appetizing and nourishing.More delicacies are here in our New Paradiso food court waiting for you to try them out~


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